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Hilary Entwhistle from The Silver Line Tuesday 26th

Hilary Entwhistle joins John Smeeton and Frances Afternoon Delight between 1 and 3pm Tuesday 26th November
Silver Line operates the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. They also offer telephone friendship where they match volunteers with older people based on their interests, facilitated group calls, and help to connect people with local services in their area.
The Silver Line Helpline – 0800 4 70 80 90
The Silver Line is the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK open every day and night of the year.
Who can use The Silver Line?
The Silver Line is a helpline and friendship service for people aged 55 and over. The Silver Line Helpline is free to callers. All costs of calls are covered by The Silver Line. They rely entirely on donations from organisations and people who care about the welfare and safety of older people. Silver Line is a confidential helpline. Callers are free to express their feelings, and describe their lives honestly, and can trust us to respect their privacy. In cases of abuse or neglect, with the callers’ permission, we will involve specialist safeguarding organisations such as Action on Elder Abuse or the appropriate social services team.

Neil Mawson joins John Smeeton and Frances Tuesday 19th November

This Tuesday Neil Mawson is on Afternoon Delight between 1 and 3 pm
Currently Chief Executive of a small community based association Neil has over 40 years’ experience in Social Housing. He previously held senior management positions at a national housing association for many years as well as senior roles at a local authority.  Neil lives in Enfield and has over 30 years experience working on all aspects of asset management

Chris Fairbairn Principal Totteridge Academy Afternoon Delight 15th November



Chris joins John Smeeton and Frances on Afternoon Delight 1 to 3 pm to talk about The Totteridge Academy who pride themselves on the quality, challenge and rigour of their teaching. The Totteridge Academy was nominated for ‘Maths Team of the Year’ at the TES Awards in 2018 and Tom Knott, one of our maths teachers, is a silver-award-winner of the ‘Pearson Teacher of the Year’. They were also nominated for two further teaching awards locally in the borough.

Sandra Mailer Photographer Tuesday 5th November


Sandra is an action photographer with an incredible eye to capture sports, movement and form. With a professional background in sports therapy she has the vision and knowledge to see pictures that other photographers don’t.  from the very top Premier league footballers to olympic divers she produces compelling athletic images that have a unique quality and energy to them – and always with a sense of fun!

Her work has been published in leading british and international newspapers and media