Race For Life 2018 Tuesday 10th 1pm to 3pm

Great news Dearblha Cormacain is coming in live this Tuesday 23rd January to talk to John Smeeton about The Race for Life 2018 which will be returning to Hampstead and Trent Park Enfield, ¬†with the Pretty Muddy version and Pretty Muddy for kids. Will John …

Talking Newspapers

Join John Smeeton on Tuesday 16th January when he chats to members of the first talking newpaper established in 1961 to provide recorded news articles to blind and partially sighted residents who receive a memory stick through the post

Enfield and Harringey Athletic

Join John Smeeton on Tuesday 9th January between 1pm and 3pm when he talks to Frank Adams one of the coach’s and Chloe Thornton one of the athletes about training diet commitment and getting into the GB team don’t miss it.