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Motown Show

From 3pm this afternoon, Denis O’Shea presents an hour of Motown music.

Early and commercial hits from this marvellous stable of labels and artistes. Hits from Tamla Motown, Motown, Gordy and Anna labels all make up the rich tapestry of sound from the groups, duos and single members of this great family.

Listen along with me to the songs which defined an era of fabulous music from the pirate broadcasting ships to land based radio stations, and television programmes. Nostalgia for some and exciting new sounds for others.

Health Today

Tune in and listen to Health Today Radio, broadcast every Friday between 4 and 5pm, hosted by Dominic Arkwright for the NHS choices.

On Health Today Radio this week Dominic Arkwright asks why Joan Armatrading decided to run a marathon at age 58. He looks at coping with Bowel Cancer and also asks that awkward question “Do you drink too much?” If you’re feeling tired all of the time or having difficulty sleeping then this is the programme for you – the problem is discussed with healthcare professionals.

Each week, Dominic chats with experts and celebrities about various health and lifestyle topics. He’ll listen to personal stories of individuals dealing with a condition they, or a family member or friend, have. Don’t miss the regular feature about the unsung heroes of the NHS and many practical lifestyle tips.

The views expressed in the programmes are the individuals’ own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views or official policies of the Department of Health or NHS Choices. NHS Choices – Health Today Radio is intended for use only by people who live in England. References to ‘the NHS’ mean ‘the NHS in England’ unless otherwise stated. Service descriptions, entitlements and costs refer to services in England and arrangements may differ elsewhere in the UK.